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Private PSAT Tutoring:
A Focus on Your Child

StudyPoint recognizes that every student's abilities and needs are unique. For this reason, we have developed one of the most innovative and personalized private SAT and PSAT tutoring programs in the test preparation industry. When an educational program is designed to address the individual needs of each student, it is called Differentiated Instruction.

We're a leader in Differentiated Instruction, and have built educational tools and assessments that create a personalized learning path for every individual student. This means that your child's program will focus exclusively on those areas where he or she needs the most help. We accomplish this in three ways:

1) One-on-One, Individualized Tutoring
Private tutoring, by definition, is Differentiated Instruction. A private PSAT or SAT tutor can focus on each of your child's specific strengths and weaknesses, and will move through content areas and strategies at a pace that is appropriate for your child.

2) Assessment Technologies
Over the duration of your child's program he or she will take a minimum of three full length diagnostic exams. Each of these practice tests is run through our computerized diagnostic program to provide a customized report detailing your child's performance in different content areas and question types. These assessment results are used by your StudyPoint tutor to focus the lessons on those areas where your child needs the most work.

3) Curriculum Mapping & Personalized Homework Plans
One of the most important components of any SAT or PSAT preparation program is homework. Simply put, the more you practice the better your scores. As a result, we have developed a Curriculum Mapping technology that links to our real assessments. The end result is that your child will receive a Personalized Homework Plan that assigns him or her practice problems based on the results of the above diagnostics. Over the duration of the program this Personalized Homework Plan adapts as your child improves in some areas or continues to struggle in others. It's a highly innovative technology, and a core component of how we achieve our exceptional outcomes with our SAT students.

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