Rush SAT Scores: Learn about the Rush Reporting option for the SAT

Rushing SAT Scores: What to do when you need to rush your scores to colleges

Learn More About SAT TutoringAre your child’s college application deadlines just a few weeks away? Need to get his or her SAT scores to those colleges ASAP? You’re in luck! The College Board offers a rush reporting option. Here’s what you need to know about rush reporting SAT scores to colleges.

  • Your child’s SAT scores must be available online before he or she can request rush reporting.
  • The rush reporting fee is $31.
  • Rush reporting SAT scores are sent to colleges within two working days of your child’s request.
  • Before requesting rush reporting of SAT scores, check with the colleges to which your child will apply to determine if rush reporting is necessary.
  • Rush reporting requests can be submitted online or by postal mail. For specific instructions about rush reporting SAT scores, visit the College Board website.

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