Knowing your options: How to cancel SAT scores

Canceling SAT Scores

Bad days: they happen. If your child comes back from his or her SAT test feeling like he or she didn’t do great on the test, there are a few options available.

Option #1: If your child selected colleges during the registration process to receive his or her SAT scores, he or she has up until the ninth day following the test date to make score recipient changes. A few words of caution: Many students feel stressed and frustrated immediately after taking the SAT. Sometimes they do better than they think they did. If your child changes or removes schools that he or she previously selected to receive his or her scores, and later learns that he or she did very well, you will need to pay $10.50 per school to send those results. If your child is certain that he or she would like to make changes to his or her score recipients, your child should log into his or her online College Board account to do so.

Option #2: You could submit a request to cancel your child’s scores. Note that canceling scores is an extreme measure. We recommend doing so only if your child had to leave the testing center in the middle of the test, fell asleep during the test, or something equally severe that convinces him or her that the score will not be good. Once your child requests to have his or her scores cancelled, they cannot be reinstated and will never be reportable to your child or any college. Written requests to cancel scores must be received by 11:59pm ET on the Wednesday following the test date. For more specific information regarding canceling SAT scores, visit the College Board website.

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