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What Factors Are Important to Consider If I Am Thinking of Going to a School Far Away From Home?

For those students thinking about leaving home and travelling far away for college, what are the important factors to consider? What additional research should be done? Should students always visit a school before applying?

What Can I Do This Summer to Help Narrow Down a Major?

What should students do over the summer to help them decide what they may want to major in? Should they look for an internship in a certain field? What about students that have no idea what they may want to major in?

College Visits: What should I ask?

When visiting a college, what should you be on the lookout for? What questions should you ask during a campus tour or information session? What is the best time or day of the week to go?

General College Advice for Ninth Graders

I’ve just started high school and I know I want to attend a competitive college – what advice would you have for me?  Do I need to be thinking about college admissions this early, and if so – what are the most important priorities?

Early Admissions: How does it work and how should I approach it?

There seem to be many different forms of early admissions, can you clarify them for me? What factors should I use to determine whether early admissions is right for me?

What are the important factors to consider in choosing between small, medium and big schools?

Are there important questions I should be asking myself that will help me find the right match?  In terms of opportunities, are there big differences between schools of different sizes?

How much should my intended major factor into my school choice?

What if a school that I am really interested in doesn’t have the major that I want? Should I still consider that school?  What if I have no idea what I want to major in? How should that affect my decision?

What is the most important factor in selecting a school?

There are several important differences to consider when it comes to selecting a school. Small school vs. Large school. City vs. Rural. Selection of majors, or the school’s ranking. Is there one factor which is the most important?

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